Q: What are the Nuts & Bolts---How Does this Illustrated Faith Warehouse Box Work? A: Starting now until boxes run out, you can purchase a Illustrated Faith Warehouse Box. Each of these boxes contains over $172 of Illustrated Faith products and are on sale for only $49.50 with Priority shipping via USPS within the US is only $12.50 per Box!

Q: What are the Shipping Charges per Illustrated Faith Warehouse Box? A: The following Shipping & Handling charges are in addition to the Illustrated Faith Warehouse Box price of $49.50. Priority shipping within the US is only $12.50; Priority shipping to Canada is $45; Anywhere else in the world is $60.Please note we cannot adjust these prices, and prices are PER box. 

Q:. If I Live Overseas, How Do I Make Sure that S&H is Charged Accurately For My Box?  A: If you accidentally pick the box for the US customers, please contact 

Q: Who is Filling these Orders? A: Illustrated Faith Warehouse Boxes are assembled and filled directly from the Bella Blvd warehouse and are not available for sale anywhere else. All orders will be shipped first come, first served. There is a limited amount of boxes, we will run out!!

Q: When Will the Illustrated Faith Warehouse Boxes Ship? A: Our expectation is that the orders will turn around in no more than 5 business days after your payment has been processed; We expect to start shipping Wednesday, July 19th, 2017.

Q: Do All Illustrated Faith Warehouse Boxes Have the Same Contents? What are the Contents? A: Yes. There is only a 5% variance in product contents. Each Illustrated Faith Warehouse box will contain overstock Illustrated Faith products including patterned papers, stickers, clear cuts, paperpieces, enamel hearts and more! You can expect the box contents to be approximately 70% patterned papers & 30% embellishments.We do not accept special requests and cannot give you a list of exact contents.  The Warehouse Boxes have plenty of patterned paper inside. If you are a Bella paper junkie you’re going to love this box sale! The contents of 2017’s Warehouse Box are different from previous Warehouse Box sales, containing a less than 10% overlap from 2014, 2015 and 2016.

 Q: How Do I Order a Warehouse Box? A: Simply click the “Buy Now” button and follow the on-screen instructions. 

Q: If I order more than one Warehouse Box, will I receive the Same Product? A: Yes. There’s only a 5% variance in product contents.

Q: How Long are these Boxes Available for Purchase? A: Bella Blvd will have these Warehouse Boxes until we run out; quantities are limited. Once you order a box, we cannot cancel your order.  All sales are final. No refunds will be processed. We will ship all Warehouse Boxes via USPS Priority Mail with tracking, but we cannot guarantee delivery times/dates.

Q: How are the Warehouse Boxes Shipped? A: All boxes are packed in a medium Priority Mail box.  Boxes will be shipped directly to the address you enter when your payment is made; Please double check your address to make sure it is going to the correct location.  Bella Blvd is not responsible for addresses which are entered incorrectly when checking out.

Q: I recently purchased a Bella Blvd Grab Bag at the local Milwaukee Scrapbook Expo. Are the contents the same?A: Yes

Additional Questions? 

Please contact us by email: using the subject line: WAREHOUSE BOX SALE